Garage Door Maintenance

Regular garage door maintenance is one of the surest ways of preventing wear and tear from damaging your door. On average, a garage door will go up and down for, at least, a thousand times every year. In fact, it’s the most worked out structure at home. To keep it working, you need to ensure that you observe the recommended maintenance practices. But since that is an activity that many homeowners forget, you simply need to hire a team and enjoy peace of mind. Our JE Garage Doors Repairs Company can help you do that. We have all it takes to keep your garage door in good working order and avoid further costly Garage Door Repair .

Maintenance Tests You Should Perform Often

Checking a garage door requires a guide to avoid leaving some important parts. With that, you can rest assured that the entire garage door system is okay and in good condition. A well prepared and detailed checklist is, therefore, very essential in carrying out regular, thorough maintenance of your garage door. But what should be included in the checklist? Well, all parts of the garage door are very vital and need care. For safety and avoidance of door problems, a checklist should capture the following:

  • Garage door balance test
  • Visual inspection
  • Lubrication
  • Garage door photo eye test
  • Force setting test
  • Reverse mechanism check

All the above tests are very vital and must be included on your checklist if you would like to keep your garage door working for many years. As you can see, some of these tests are not simple things you can do alone. You need the help of garage door maintenance experts. We are the specialists in this area, and you can partner with us, so you get the best services. We are a team of highly trained and experienced garage door professionals.

Maintain Your Garage Door and Enjoy Safety

We would all like to live in safe and well-maintained structures. A maintained or tuned up garage door reduces the chances of getting injuries and posing safety threats to everyone at home. You must have heard about accidents and even deaths caused by broken garage doors. With proper maintenance, you can overcome all these and enjoy security and safety.