JE Garage Door Spring Replacement West Hills | Torsion & Extension Springs

Do you urgently need torsion spring repair in West Hills, CA? Did one of the extension springs snap? Call JE Garage Doors Repair West Hills. We provide same day spring repair in West Hills CA. Springs are special garage door parts. They are made of flexible coils, which are stretched in order to allow to the door to move up and down. The coils must be tensed sufficiently in order to balance the door's weight and carry its heavy load. Without the help of either torsion or extension springs, the door won't move. And that's why our garage door spring replacement services are vital. We install new springs and take care of the existing ones by offering emergency adjustments and tune up services.

Since springs transfer their power to the cables in order to conclude their job, we also offer garage door cable repair urgently. If the cables are extensively frayed or broken, the door won't open right or not at all. Both springs and cables are supported by secondary components in order to remain well-secured, in place and do their job right. From pulleys and bearings to brackets and cable drums, every single part is extremely significant for the full operation of the door. For this reason, our company can help you when one of these parts is damaged. We don't only replace springs & cables, but also pulleys, wind cones, shafts, brackets and any other component.

The role of torsion and extension springs is vitalJE Garage Door Spring Repair

The role of garage door springs is very important. The torsion spring stretches along its shaft and creates torque in order to balance the door. While the spring's stationary cone stays still, its wind cone moves in order to create enough power and transfer it to the cable through its drum. That's how your garage door opens. Extension springs work in a similar way, but instead of stretching along a rod, they extend parallel to the tracks. This way, they store their energy to keep the door shut and use it when the door must open. Then their coils contract. In order for springs to do their job, their coils must be flexible. And that's where we come in.

We provide 24 hour garage door spring repair

With our garage door spring replacement West Hills services, we make sure the coils remain flexible. Natural wear and elements might damage them. What we do is adjust them. With adjustments, we make sure they have enough power to move the garage door. This is done by turning the wind cone of the torsion spring or moving the extension spring cable to add tension. Our company is prepared to handle any spring complication and problem. We provide emergency spring repair and adjustment services on a 24 hour basis.

Is your spring broken? Call us. We offer extension and torsion garage door spring replacement in timely fashion. If the door won't open, chances are that the spring is broken. If you are not sure about it or need spring service anyway, contact our company. When it comes to spring services, we respond as soon as possible. If the problem doesn't relate directly to the spring but it has to do with the cable or one of the pulleys, trust that we can still repair it. We replace broken pulleys and cables too. We also offer quick response garage door cable repair.

These are all tensed systems and can cause accidents if you tamper with them. Refrain from using the door when there are spring & cable problems. In such cases, contact us right away. We offer commercial and residential garage door spring repair and replacement, cable repair and replacement, and any other service to ensure excellent door operation and customer safety. Give us a call now!