Garage Door Spring types

Garage Door Spring Types

As a homeowner, you probably give little thought to garage door spring types. Though many people ignore them, garage door springs are the most vital parts that play a pivotal role when it comes to opening and closing your door. Although there are many types and sub-types of garage door springs, the classification can be narrowed down to two popular ones. Here we go:

Torsion Springs

For homeowners who have had spring issues in the past, torsion springs are no doubt a popular option. Why is that the case? Well, though they are a little bit expensive, they last even twice as long compared to the other types. Unlike the other type that stretches, torsion springs use torque to raise and lower garage doors. It ensures that the operation is smooth, steady and without any jerking.

Torsion springs come in many sub types or options. If you would like to have one that’s somehow customized to match the look of your door and home, then this is the type you need to consider. You can get one and have it adjusted or customized by a pro to suit the height and more importantly the weight of your garage door. However, ensure that you get the right pro. Springs can be deadly if mishandled during installation or replacement.

Extension Springs

It’s a very common type that’s widely popular in residential applications. In fact, almost every homeowner has it at their home. Though they are all over, the fact is that they are a little bit more complex than torsion springs. To facilitate opening and closing, they expand and contract, unlike the torsion that uses torque. For safety purposes, it’s good to ensure that you have safety cables when you choose these garage door spring types. You’ll find them less expensive, but they tend to wear out more quickly. Therefore, beware, so you take necessary precautions.

As you have already seen, each of the above types of garage door has unique features, strengths and also weaknesses. Therefore, ensure that you consider all these essential things when it’s time to make a decision on the type of springs you would like to have for your garage door. With the above useful information, you can rest assured that you’ll make an informed choice of the best type.

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