Opener Repair Service

Is your Liftmaster opener damaged? Do you have trouble with the Genie remote? We fix openers and their parts in timely fashion. If you need opener repair services, count on our company. Are the lights on the photo eyes off? Is the door going up and down and won't stop? Whenever there is a problem with either your home or commercial garage door, let us check if the problem is with the opener. This unique unit keeps you safe. If its reverse system is ruined, it won't be able to stop the door from collapsing. By offering emergency garage door opener repair but also regular maintenance, our techs can both fix and prevent problems caused by problematic openers. JE Garage Doors Repair can help you with any opener concern but also with new installations.

With our opener service, your problems are reduced

Is your garage door closing down and then goes up again? Call us to fix the reverse mechanism. When such problems pop, we provide fast opener services 24/7. Our experts always troubleshoot to rule out any other reason for the door acting up this way. Sometimes, problems as simple as filthy sensor lenses can create major problems. This is why our opener maintenance service is so important. During regular inspections and services, our technicians test the reverse system, clean the lenses, check the wires' journey all the way to the motor and make sure every single component at the opener panel is in perfect condition. Are some gears or sprockets broken? Is the chain loose? We take care of everything. Our techs come equipped to replace any opener component which is broken or worn.

We install all types of garage door openers

When it comes to garage door opener replacement services, count on us. We don't only replace the damaged sensor or broken gear, but the whole unit. Do you want to get a new Genie opener? Need to know the difference between screw, belt and chain drive systems? Wondering whether to choose Marantec, Liftmaster or Craftsman openers? We can assist you by providing information and update you with novelties. Our intention is for you to have a full picture of what's available on the market and how to choose a new opener so that you will make a wise choice. At the end of the day, what's important is that you can turn to us for proper garage door opener installation and be sure that the job will be completed on time and properly.

Call us 24/7 for garage door opener repair

Everything about openers is important. They are designed to meet the needs of each garage door and integrate a large number of features in order to increase security, facilitate access and enhance safety. Picking the right one is not easy but you can rely on our support and assistance the same way you can count on us when you need opener repair. You should call us 24/7 if there is any problem with your opener or you lose your clicker.

Is the door going up but not all the way? Once we check that there is no other obstruction in the door's way, we check the opener settings. We might have to adjust them in order to enable the door to reach its opening or closing position. If the opener is improperly adjusted, it will still make noise after the door has already opened up fully. That's why you should leave such tasks to us. Our garage door opener repair west hills CA services are affordable, performed by expert techs, and offered in timely fashion. When you work with our team, you have peace of mind that every little problem is quickly fixed and your opener is in top notch condition. Need opener service now? Simply call us now.